The Real Human Centipede!

Gay Porn Transmission From on August 29, 2013


I’ve been to a few gyms in my life (mostly for the delicious smoothies and promises of anonymous gay sex) but never one like this. Seriously, I thought that all gyms were like this. One minute you’re doing bicep curls and the next you’re deep throating a jock’s delicious hot cock outside of the steam room.

This video is great for a few reasons.

1) It has three hot ass men doing things the Bible outlaws;

2) Everyone is really tan with nicely trimmed pubes, and

3) There is a three way dick suck party! Also, this may just be the steroids talking but I really enjoy some hot jocks passionately kissing and they do a lot of that in this video.

I don’t know why these guys aren’t afraid of someone walking into the locker room but I’m glad they’re not. One of the guys stands in the corner while his buddy lowers himself onto their trainer’s cock. He just holds himself up (amazing upper body strength) while his friend rams into his bunghole, no condoms, just nice pur cock.

It may not be the best use of an expensive gym membership but intense gay butt sex probably burns a lot of calories, right?

Name of the Game: Anatomy of a Scene

Gay Porn Transmission From on March 12, 2012

A few months back, the crew at filmed our first original feature.  It was our first scripted feature.  Though we are all artists with various talents, we were a little apprehensive about the task that we were about to undertake.  Needless to say after hours filming, hundreds of takes, a few liters of tears and two temper tantrums, we did it.  We made NAME OF THE GAME

Cocky Boys Name of the Game Front cover

Tommy Defendi on the cover of Name of the Game

Hey GPA’s:

This week we release our first ever scripted feature: Name of the Game!  And yes, we’re excited about it.  It’s like giving birth to a child: it’s hard, painful, full of yelling and profanity. But once it’s all said and done (read “fully edited”), you can’t help but see the wonderful beauty in your project. So as a treat to our fans, I would like to provide a bit of the original script for one of my favorite (and adventurous) scenes of the movie.  I had the most fun writing this section because it featured two of my favorite people in the world: Phenix Saint & Kennedy Carter.  I could see them acting out the positions in my mind’s eye. (And my friends and fuck buds know: I’m ALL about the intricate positions.)


Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: Stephen Forest

Gay Porn Transmission From on December 12, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we finished shooting our first feature film, THE NAME OF THE GAME.  It was a major feat. We took over 2000 production photos, over 17 hours of footage, we had 6 models in town, and 6 crew members going at it from 7 am to 10 pm.  What made it worth it was the parties.  At both parties, we were able to meet actual Cocky Boys fans.

That’s where we met Stephen Forest.

Hey Fellow GPAs:

It’s Harem Hottie time! Usually I would post about more “established” models like Mason Star or Gabriel Clark or Jesse Santana.  However, I wanted to do a little highlight of one of my favorite new guys, Stephen Forest.  Stephen was at Splash Bar here in NYC during a Cocky Boys party.  Benny, Phenix Saint, Turk Mason and I were hanging at the bar, decompressing after a long week.  Ever on the look out (especially after a few shots of whiskey), we all spotted Stephen  across the bar.  Ben and I exchanged a look and we went in for the kill (so to speak).

Stephen is a sweet guy: he’s cool, funny, flirty and (most importantly) cute!  We worried that he may be TOO sweet… then we took him to the bathroom and had him take off his shirt.  Tats galore!  He had the makings of a Cocky Boy:  Nice body, tattoos, a delectable ass (ya’ll know I’m an ass man) and a  nice thick cock.  (At this point, I swear things were in slow-mo as he pulled it out.)

So we took some pics, got his info and set him up to come in for an interview.  Needless to say that we loved him during the interview.  We wanted him for a scene right there. A couple of hours and a haircut later (Ben is a man of MANY talents), Stephen Forrest was sitting in front of the camera, stroking his cock for us.  (My favorite part was when he squeezes a bit of precum out of his cock.)

Take a look at our newest Cocky Boy, Stephen Forest.  I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him then same way we did!

Watch Stephen Forest Jerk Off on

You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Your Certified “Talent Scout” GPA

The Golden Gate: Season 4

Gay Porn Transmission From on November 22, 2011

Hey GPA’s:

Just giving you the heads up that the new season of Naked Sword’s Golden Gate will premiere next week.

Why is this season so special? Besides it being about unexpected hookups, it includes Cocky Boys Exclusive Tommy Defendi!

Check out the trailer!

Tune in, fellow GPAs!
-Hugo Harley

The Week That Defines Us

Gay Porn Transmission From on November 15, 2011

I wanted to quit smoking this week.  I woke up on Monday, looked at my schedules and my emails and went to the convenience store and got a pack of menthols.

 Hey GPAs:

This week, Benny Morecock and the gang will be shooting our first ever feature film!  What’s really cool about this is that we’ve got a story, a script, photographers, professional directors and cameramen.  It’s all uber exciting.

It’s all uber ambitious.

This is our first time REALLY pushing the limits of our capabilities.  I mean we’ve got talented models, for sure.  And the entire staff has backgrounds in film production.  I guess you could say that in really putting ourselves out there, we’re setting a high bar for the future.

Anyway, tune in daily as I reveal behind-the-scenes production news from the set(s) of CockyBoys first ever feature, like this image of the script that has been (and still being) revised.


Or of Atlas, my new Production Assistant


Stay Tuned GPAs. It’s going to be an interesting week!

Hugo Harley, Your Resident GPA & Cocky Boys Production Co-ordinator

UPDATE: My back is aching…. and I forgot to eat.  Mason and I went around the neighborhood shooting B-roll for his arrival to New York.  It’s interesting how many people stop when there’s a camera present.  Mason played the part of the doe-eyed newbie VERY well.

In all, it was a great day.

OMG: Go-Go Appreciation Day

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 26, 2011

Hey GPAs:

As many of you know, I have an appreciation for Go-Go dancers that almost verges on the psychological.  If I had the choice between having dinner with Chelsea Handler, Lady Gaga & Madonna OR going to a bar/club and watching Go-Go boys writhe to music, you’d find me at the bar getting singles to stuff down bulging Nasty Pig jockstraps and Andrew Christian briefs.

Needless to say that tears come to my eyes when I found out WeHo is setting aside a day to appreciate these talented beautiful performers.  On October 29th, you will surely find me showing my appreciation to some lithe, sweaty, contorting young gentlemen.


How many local town governments would declare a special day just for strippers!? Well, if you happen to live in West Hollywood, you’re especially blessed because your neighborhood’s city council has just declared this Saturday, October 29, Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day! Does this mean that you should track down the nearest guy gyrating on a box and give him a beejay? Well, that’s up to you, dear readers, but officially, it means that businesses up and down Santa Monica Boulevard and clubs along the Sunset Strip will be holding special events and hosting an amateur go-go dancer competition. Mayor John Duran is partly responsible for the upcoming revelry, as is new city councilman John D’Amico, who had this to say: “Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day is about celebrating the part of our West Hollywood culture that arrived with the freedom generation and stuck around through the decades as an expression of who we are.” And porn model Mason Star (pictured) is bumping and grinding to keep the dream alive. The adorable Cocky Boys exclusive is hell-bent on returning the historic art form to its former glory. Dance, stud, dance! For more information, visit

mason2.jpgWritten by Vincent Lambert via GayDemon

On October 29th, whether you’re in West Hollywood or not, go out and support your local Go-Go Boys!

–Hugo Harley, Your Certifiably Gaga for Go-go Boys GPA

Kennedy Carter Will Carry My Babies

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 24, 2011

Hey fellow GPAs:

Here is some hot news for ya!

October 24, 2011



New York, NY – CockyBoys is happy to announce a new CockyBoy in their growing roster of exclusive models.  British porn superstar Kennedy Carter is one of the most popular and high profile figures in adult entertainment and he is now a Cockyboy exclusive.  Beyond his adult career he  is an internationally booked  go-go dancer performing at top clubs around the world.  When not travelling for work he is a university student in Mexico City studying Latin American history and culture.  Although born in England, Kennedy is a child of New York City and after his long term contract with Raging Stallion ended he was looking for the right studio to work with.  When he found out CockyBoys moved to New York City he reached out to CockyBoy’s Creative Director Benny Morecock and they both agreed instantly it was natural fit… KENNEDY CARTER IS A COCKYBOY.

Say’s Morecock of Carter “Kennedy is one of the most sexual and charismatic models in the industry.  He is also one of the most popular.  He has a lot of confidence which fits perfectly with our other exclusives. We look forward to releasing some really amazing scenes with him, the first scene live now with Kennedy and Tommy is instantly a huge hit with our members.”

The first scene with the studio features the newly minted CockyBoy paired with CockyBoy exclusive, Tommy Defendi. It’s a perfect scene to serve as an introduction of Kennedy to CockyBoy’s fan base.  Kennedy says of his decision to sign with CockyBoys “ I chose to work with  CockyBoys because after working with Raging Stallion in San Francisco for a year, I wanted to work with company that was based in NYC and that embodied that energy of NYC which no other company does like CockyBoys.  They are creative, energetic, and have an overall vibe that just exudes New York to me.  Plus I think I fit the Cocky Boys look with my build and my tattoos, and my attitude!  And I firmly believe Cocky Boys has the sexiest exclusives for me to shoot some awesome scenes with!”


See Kennedy’s Exclusive CockyBoy Model Page here:


Both Kennedy and Tommy have appeared in previous episodes of Naked Sword’s Golden Gate series.  Just last week Naked Sword and CockyBoys announced they had teamed up for the upcoming 4th season of the hit series Golden Gate: Tourist Season, which debuts December 1st.  The first Kennedy Carter scene live now on CockyBoys was shot in San Francisco with Naked Sword as a part of the co-production while shooting Golden Gate: Tourist Season but this scene is not a part of the actual series.


To see Kennedy Carter at his best you can only see him at


Don’t ya’ll just love an uncut thick-dicked, bubble butt ginger?

You know you do!

H. Harley, Certified GPA

CockyBoys + NakedSword = Golden Gate, Season 4 Madness

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 20, 2011

October 19, 2011


            NakedSword and CockyBoys Team Up for Golden Gate: Season 4!

Historic Partnership Delivers Even More Stars and More Sex…


SAN FRANCISCO – NakedSword, the industry’s largest VOD membership site and original content producer, is thrilled to announce that it has joined forces with fellow industry for the upcoming 4th season of its smash-hit web series, Golden Gate. As a NakedSword/CockyBoys co-production, the upcoming season of Golden Gate is overflowing with the most in-demand performers and behind-the-scenes expertise that gay porn has ever seen. And for the first time ever, Golden Gate travels beyond the Bay to New York City!


While the Golden Gate foundation remains in San Francisco, the 4th season follows some of its characters to the Empire State for a pivotal New York episode. And those characters include returningGolden Gate cast member turned CockyBoys exclusive Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, Parker Perry and Mario Costa, Tristan Jaxx and Leo Forte, and real-life boyfriends in their first on-screen pairing, Morgan Black and Dominic Sol.


Golden Gate: Tourist Season was directed by legendary performer-turned director Ray Dragon in New York, and GayVN-winning director Ben Leon in San Francisco. By combining their resources, NakedSword and CockyBoys will close out 2011 and usher in 2012 with simply the best gay adult content that their legions of fans demand and deserve.


“With every season Of Golden Gate, we try and outdo ourselves and deliver the unexpected for our members,” said NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti, “and this season is no exception. Bringing CockyBoys on board to share in this production was a blast, and we can’t wait for people to see how we’ve mixed things up this time.”


In anticipation of the Golden Gate launch, CockyBoys will be releasing several scenes exclusive to their site featuring Golden Gate favorites paired up with CockyBoys exclusives like Donny Wright, Tommy Defendi and Golden Gate discovery Kennedy Carter.


“Cocky Boys found the perfect creative partner in NakedSword,” said CockyBoy’s Creative Director, Benny Morecock. He added, “Not only was working together a breeze, but the two brands complement each other immensely because of each other’s out-of-the box creativity. The different energies of San Francisco and New York City made for dynamic content that fans will not want to miss.”


Golden Gate: Tourist Season debuts on NakedSword on December 1st, and to catch up on the first three seasons, visit For CockyBoys original content, including upcoming co-produced scenes with NakedSword, visit




Honey, We’re Home!

Gay Porn Transmission From on September 15, 2011

Bitches, we have arrived!

Tommy Defendi Will probably be in this exact position....

September 14, 2011




NEW YORK, NY–For the past year CockyBoys have been settling into their new home in New York City. This week they are making it official and celebrating!

CockyBoys has teamed up with a high profile partner in the business to create one-of-kind original programming and is currently in the middle of shooting a co-production in NYC!  Three smoking hot CockyBoys are in town for the shoot  including Tommy Defendi, Mason Star and Phenix Saint!  In addition to this top secret shoot the CockyBoys will be appearing around town as they take the stage as New York’s premiere adult brand.  On Thursday (tonight!) night Paper Magazine is holding a private invite only party for CockyBoys at “Le Bain” on the top of the Standard Hotel.  The party starts at 10:00 and will blend into the Zig Zag party later in the evening.  There will be a hot tub and Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters will be DJing!

Check out for pics from the event over the weekend.  If you are in New York City and actually want to get your hands on the CockyBoys Exclusives then you will have the opportunity as they are appearing at New York’s Premiere Dance Club SPLASH THIS Saturday night September 17th.  Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, and Mason Star are all appearing live and there will be CockyBoy’s DVD giveaways all night long!   Check out the rumored hot new couple Tommy Defendi and Mason Star to see for yourself if all those rumors are true.  It’s sure to be a night only SPLASH , CockyBoys and NYC can pull off.  Everyone is invited to join CockyBoys at Splash this Saturday night to celebrate the home of the all new…NEW YORK CITY….

Three Hot guys, One location.... yes, the universe may implode


As a treat for those that can’t make it (though you should), I’ll be taking pictures all night and sharing them via twitter.  Be sure to follow @hugoharley for all the Cocky Boys craziness!

Your Certified GPA:

Hugo Harley

Mason & Tommy Sittin’ In A Tree…

Gay Porn Transmission From on September 6, 2011

After his scene with ____________*, Mason Star looked a bit confused.  When asked what was bothering him, Mason replied that he felt a bit “off balance.” When asked to elaborate, Mason looked across the loft at Tommy Defendi and exclaimed that Tommy had broken him.

Apparently Tommy Defendi’s cock had left an impression in Mason Star’s ass…. sex has not been the same for him since.

Tommy & Mason Kissing: Rainbows & Puppies cute!

Hey GPAs:

Earlier this month, the Cocky Boys team gathered in La Belle Ville to shoot some of new scenes for the site.  I love traveling to my hometown: the boys, the rusticness, the sex — it’s all worth it.  It also helped that it was Gay Pride.  Needless to say that when the scenes were shot and in the can (pun!), we went out to enjoy what the city had to offer, namely the hot guys, clubs and mega parties.

Mason & Tommy with Real Life Cocky Boy Boyfriends: Adrian Long & Brandon Jones

But more on that later.

There are rumors circulation about a so-called relationship between Cocky Boys exclusives Mason Star and Tommy Defendi.  Is everybody jumping to conclusions?  Are the guys “together?”  Because I cannot directly comment on the nature of their relationship, I will offer some facts.

  • Tommy and Mason had a scene together in which Tommy Defendi ruins Mason Star sex life. (See first paragraph)
  • Upon meeting up with each other again, Tommy & Mason were inseperable.  (They ate every meal together.  They took showers together.  And though they had separate bedrooms at the loft, Mason was always found curled up in Tommy’s bed next to him.)
  • When we went out, nobody fucked with Mason… because Tommy was always two feet away.
  • Though we have a policy of non-fraternization while off-camera, Mason & Tommy insisted on “practicing their scenes” every chance they got. (This included kissing, holding hands and the occasional bed rocking episode — which had management phone us to make sure nobody was being hurt… too much)
  • Mason’s ex-Montreal-husband-to-be was put in check when Tommy informed him that Mason was now off  limits.

Mason sexually assaulting ice cream

I toadally love the tishirt

So, there you have it.   You judge for yourselves.
-Your certified GPA, Hugo Harley
*Find out which hot Canadian Porn Star Mason Star rode soon.
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