Because TLA Said So….

| March 5, 2010

HEY GPAs: I hope all is well with all you readers.  I know I’m feeling great.  I’m blogging to you from a remote location in Maryland where we took Mama Harley out to party with the rest of the family.  So far, we’ve spent the day relaxing, getting massages, sipping virgin cosmos (for Mom) and […]

Top 10 Euro Media Gay DVDs (Part 2), a GPAs Guide

| December 22, 2009

Fellow GPAs: It is the most wonderful time of the year…. if you’re on a sunny beach.  In case you haven’t noticed, I hate the cold.  I’m not a snow lover either.  But I do live in a city that has biting winters.  And because it is NYC, I’ll deal. And now we’ll wrap up […]

Ream His Straight Throat from Satyr

| October 16, 2009

Fellow GPAs: They’ve done it again!  Those guys at Satyr (makers of Savages and other debauchery) have just sent me over some stills from their newest film: Ream His Straight Throat 9.  Now, I’m no expert at straight throat reaming, but I’m pretty sure that that sticking your dick in a straight man’s mouth and […]

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