Honey, We’re Home!

| September 15, 2011

or the past year CockyBoys have been settling into their new home in New York City. This week they are making it official and celebrating!

CockyBoys has teamed up with a high profile partner in the business to create one-of-kind original programming and is currently in the middle of shooting a co-production in NYC!

BORN TO FUCK Takes Over America…Almost

| December 18, 2009

Fellow GPAs: I’VE RETURNED!!  For those of you who didn’t know, I was resting at an ashram in a remote corner of the world.  I was able to meditate, contemplate my life, and rid myself of mental impurities.  After that half-hour was over, I spent the next 2 weeks sneaking peeks at hot guys every […]

Hugo Harley’s (Cocky) Harem Hottie: Phenix Saint

| November 10, 2009

Fellow GPAs: It is certainly no secret that the studs at Cocky Boys were molded by the Greek gods.  They’re beautiful men; simple as that.  They’ve all got big cocks or talented holes and aren’t afraid to use (or let one use) either.  As I’ve mentioned before: every day this week, we’ll be featuring a […]

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