I Need Gay Porn: an Addict’s Persperctive

| September 11, 2009

Fellow GPAs: My name is Hugo Harley and I’m a (semi-functional) gay porn addict. How serious is this beautiful affliction? On Mondays, I down Matt Hughes tablets. On Tuesdays, I snort some Phillipe Delvaux. On Wednesdays, I freebase Alex Stevens. On Thursdays, I shoot up some Logan McCree. After work on Fridays, I start my […]

Fucking Fantastic Film: Out on the Hit

| August 24, 2009

Hugo Harley here filling in for the venerable Brian Ritz.  While Brian is off getting inspiration from hot moody french men like Vincent Cassel and Wilfried Knight, I’m left submitting the first post during his absence. Vincent Cassel (l) & Wilfried Knight (r) Unfortunately I don’t have Ritzy’s Photoshop skills but I do have oodles […]

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