From the Inimitable Benny Morecock:

| February 9, 2010

Hey Pornsters, Eurocreme’s Alex Stevens just debuted in his first viral commercial, now on YouTube. Opposite of Alex stars Trojan Rock from Alphamale. I won’t give away the hilarious ending, but let’s just say this has inspired me to make sure I always have some lube handy. Especially if I need to win a favor: […]

Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie (of the Year)….

| December 30, 2009

MATT HUGHES! Fellow GPAs, As we end 2009 (which was the most interesting year in the industry for me), I’d like to reflect on the memorable parts.  There were several new and amazing producers that we signed up.  Many of our stars gained several fans because their excellent performances in the movies they were in. […]

Cape Town Cock Cruisers is Coming Soon

| November 12, 2009

Fellow GPAs: We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with an announcement from Eurocreme! I’ll keep brief but I’m happy to see that the guys at Eurocreme are coming out with yet another co-production with South Africa’s Liberate Studios!  Entitled Cape Town Cock Cruisers, this upcoming release is set to include beautiful young men.  If this […]

House Boy Cleans Up!

| November 5, 2009

Fellow GPAs: Let’s get right to it.  Earlier I mentioned that House Boy was released for retail.  I heard from my EU counterparts that not only did the film do well, it sold out in stores in the UK.  When you have a man like Simon Booth directing a group of hot guys, what’s there […]

Eurocreme’s New Blog & Simon Booth Speaks!

| October 26, 2009

Fellow GPAs: I was just minding my own business today, getting Cocky Boys ready for DVD release and my European counterpart told me that he had an exclusive interview of Simon Booth on the Eurocreme blog. Always a sweetie, Simon speaks about making his movies. We even get to see Simon working, getting his boys […]

New Directions

| October 10, 2009

… and no I’m not talking about the group from Ryan Murphy’s awesome new show, Glee. Fellow GPAs: It’s been an exciting week here.  Many exciting things happening everywhere. We’ve signed exclusive DVD distribution agreements with two more hot producers.  Though I can’t say anything yet about these deals, I will tell you that you’ll […]

EXTRA! EXTRA! Exclusive Interview with SIMON BOOTH!!!

| September 14, 2009

Hey GPAs: I hope you guys had a great weekend because I sure did.  I spent my time scouring the internet for a cock, ass, or face I hadn’t seen.  And behold, I was able to have a chat with one of my favorite people from across the pond: Simon Booth.  Any GPA worth his […]

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