Jose Manuel is FLAWLESS

| March 29, 2010

Hey GPAs: So over the weekend, my good friend Michael Paris from Eboys Studios shot over a preview the first movie that Euro Media will be distributing here in North America: FLAWLESS.  I am not ashamed to admit that if I weren’t in my office (a courteous and professional environment, I assure you), I’d be […]

Hugo Harley Goes Boy Crazy

| October 28, 2009

Fellow GPAs: As some of you may have already heard, Euro Media Partners (of which I am the Product Manager), has recently started carrying Eboys Studio’s Deviant Boyz line. I’ve watched fetish films before. I’ve seen guys being fisted, pissed on, whipped, assholes shaved…. but never really got off on it. [I'm forced to watch […]

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