Harley Awards 2010 (Part 1)

| January 9, 2010

I’m BAAAACCCKKK! Fellow GPAs: I am back from my much needed mini-vakay.  2009 really took a lot out me and I had to recharge to  bring you news from behind the scenes of the gay porn world.  Looking back at 2009, I’m really happy to have had so much fun doing something I love: watching […]

Fucking Fantastic Film: Christian: 24 Cocks in 24 Hours

| October 3, 2009

Fellow GPAs: As you may have noticed, a few of my posts have been Treasure Island Media – centric.  Why? Well, when you want to delve into piggy, no-holds-barred, primal, lusty sex, one thinks Treasure Island.  With Paul Morris‘s stable filled with studs wanting –nay– needing to be sexually satisfied at every moment of the […]

Because Hugo Harley Loves Assholes

| October 1, 2009

Hey Gay Porn Addicts: This is a case of “another day, another dollar.”  Just wanted give you guys a wrap-up of interesting things happening in the industry.  (Trust me, it’s hard enough ::tee hee:: pausing my DVD player in the middle of Treasure Island Media’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours; I’ll will be reviewing it […]

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