No Pain No Gain – the trailer!

Gay Porn Transmission From on November 4, 2010

Just thought I’d share my latest JO material: the trailer on the Cockyboys homepage. It is in fact the trailer from No Pain No Gain, which you can buy for free (Buy-One-Get-One-Free on all Cocky Boys DVDs) here: Get No Pain No Gain for free! Okay, you’re probably thinking: It’s just a trailer (wah wah wah). But man, what a trailer it is! It’s packed with hung, horny studs like Cocky Boys Gabriel Clark and hunky Hugo Milano, and even a HOT DP SCENE with sexybois Jesse Santana and Jarredfucking the doubleshit out of cute & not-so-innocent blonde Tristan Tucker. Yeah, this video is so jam-packed with spit, cock and spunk that at 1 MINUTE 52 SECONDS, this monumental trailer is practically its own scene.

Enjoy boys – this one’s good for lots of mileage!

Hugo Harley Gets Jokes

Gay Porn Transmission From on November 1, 2010

Hey GPAs:

Let’s face it, I’m pretty sarcastic… and pretty damn witty (Though Brian would often disagree).  So naturally, I  gravitate towards those who share my dark sense of humor.

I discovered Capitol Hillbillies several months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  (I actually spent an entire weekend reading EVERY SINGLE comic.)  CHB creator, Chris Lange, is a pretty sweet (and cute) dude with a light mean streak.  I really do love the way he incorporates his friends and real life experiences into his post.  My favorite posts, of course, are of the sexual nature–especially when it involves Harem Hottie Matt Hughes.  Judging by the number of Matt Hughes references, methinks that Chris and his friends are voracious power bottoms… and EVERYBODY loves a power bottom.  (See my obsession with CockyBoys’ Jesse Santana.)

To Chris and the CHB gang, thanks for making me laugh every week.  You’re a welcome distraction from the miles of hard cock that cum across my screen and desk everyday.

Be sure to head to to get ALL OF OUR MOVIES FEATURING MATT HUGHES.  Head over to to see Jesse Santana.

You know Love It!

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: Gabriel Clark

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 20, 2010

Hello Fellow GPA’s:

Gabriel Clark

As the weather gets much colder, I find myself under the blankets for longer periods of time while I “do my research.”  Every so often, I find myself coming across a guy that I just can’t take my eyes off.  I have to see every scene he’s done or watch every interview he’s given.  And that’s how we get a Harem Hottie.

Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark

This edition of Hugo Harley’s Harem Harem Hottie is a special one.  I met Gabriel Clark during my 2-week vacation where I went to Montreal and Vegas.  Gabriel was set to shoot a solo for Cocky Boys.  However, a model canceled at the last moment and Gabriel filled in…. and did he ever.  When I got on set, Gabriel was sitting down, talking to our director.  When we were introduced, he was ever so polite and soft spoken.  He had a shy smile and a calm demeanor.  Then his clothes came off.

Hot furry butt

You ever seen those slow motion videos where the unassuming guy takes off his shirt and all you could stare at are his perfectly toned body and muscular chest?  It was like that only the unassuming guy had a long, fat, uncut cock as well.

Click here To Watch Video
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Cobra Video Is Back

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 19, 2010

Hey GPA’s:

In the realm of passing on some good news, I’m proud to say that EuroMedia is now the EXCLUSIVE, WORLDWIDE distributor of Cobra Video.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the line, Cobra Video is a studio that brought us Brent Corrigan  in 2004.  The videos feature twinks going really dirty things.  Cobra was one of the few American twink lines to feature bareback sex on video.

We issued a press release today about our new role as Cobra’s DVD distributor.  We are also handling rights management for the line.


www.euromediawholesale .com


Hugo Harley, Director of Development

EuroMedia Distribution

New York

EuroMedia Distribution Inks Deal to Become Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of Famed COBRA VIDEO

New York, NY – 18 October 2010 – EuroMedia Distribution (,  the exclusive distributor of many best-selling gay lines including Eurocreme, BelAmi’s Lukas Ridgeston and CockyBoys, has entered into an exclusive, worldwide, multi-year DVD and licensing agreement with gay studio Cobra Video.

Cobra Video is well-known for attracting some of the hottest “twink” talent in the industry. From the controversial and wildly popular Brent Corrigan to the dreamy Brandon Croft, Cobra has catapulted the careers of some of our day’s most popular entertainers.  They’ve garnered praise throughout the biz for hot movies like the Casting Couch series and Campus Boyz collections. With a focus on young talent, Cobra’s goal is to entertain a diverse consumer base by indulging in every gay man’s fantasy.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working hand-in-hand with Cobra Studios,” says Hugo Harley, Director of Development at EMD. “Beyond their still-popular back catalog, we will be overseeing a rebranding of the line and  bringing some new releases and never-before-seen product to market.  They have a strong brand and amazing content that delivers time and time again.  We look forward to bringing their content to fans around the world.”

Beyond being the exclusive DVD distributor for the Cobra line, EuroMedia will also be exclusively handling broadcast, web licensing, and mobile rights for the line.

In conjunction with their new partnership, EuroMedia will be releasing an exclusive new line of Cobra Video collections featuring sure to be talked about never-before-released scenes and will continue to bring viewers the classic Cobra Video films that have been pleasing audiences for years. Effective immediately, ALL back catalog titles, formerly sold via by Pacific Sun, will now only be available exclusively through EuroMedia Distribution.

If you’d like to read more Cobra Video’s history, go to the Wikipedia page.

You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

Press Hungry

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 18, 2010

Hey there fellow GPAs:

I just got in this month’s copy of Xbiz.  In it is a cool write up about EuroMedia Distribution.  I was interviewed for the article and was glad to see that I came off sounding pretty smart. ;-)  Read the article and let me know what you think!

Xbiz EuroMedia Article

Click on the image to read article

You Know You Love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certifiably Press-Hungry GPA

Extreme Addiction…

Gay Porn Transmission From on October 15, 2010

Just a quick update for ya.

Last week, my co-workers and I sat around a computer screen to watch the trailer for Deviant Boys’ Extreme Addiction. Michael Paris has scarred us for life because (as Alec Mapa once said) there are certain things you can’t unsee. I’ll be very frank with you: even I was a bit shocked by just the trailer…. It goes there…. and I LOVE it! It takes a lot to shock me and if you could do that, then you’ve got talent.

Extreme Addiction is shipping at the end of October from EuroMedia Distribution and

Click here To Watch Video
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You know you love it.

-Hugo Harley, Your Certifiably Shocked GPA

99 Problems but Pierre Fitch Ain’t One

Gay Porn Transmission From on September 12, 2010

Fellow GPA’s:

CockyBoy Pierre Fitch

You may have been wondering what your Gay Porn Addict in residence has been up to.

Usually, at this point, I’m profusely apologizing for being MIA.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been busy getting you off!  We’ve been working like house-elves* over here to get together the best fall DVD line-up.  You’ll have Bel Ami/Lukas Ridgeston, Cazzo, Ray Dragon, Eurocreme, & Eboys to look forward to.

Pierre Fitch

That’s not all!  Those of you that follow industry news would probably have heard that our premium Cocky Boys has a new management team.  CockyBoys Announces New Management Team . You guessed it: the same team that brings you StudMuffinBlog, Benny, and is also bringing the hottest, cockiest, ripped guys around.  Did I mention that I’m the production coordinator for the new

Pierre Fitch looks just as hot with clothes on...

He's all cock... but certainly not a boy...

That’s right, we’ve been working hard trying to get you hottest match ups possible: CockyBoys Ramps Up Production for Fall Lineup

During my 2-week cross-continental vacation a couple of weeks back, we begin production with a slew of new guys getting naked and fucking for the camera.  Let me say that I advocate everyone be on a porn shoot at least once in your life.  The tension in the air is pretty hot.  Watching someone pull out his 8-inch cock and slam it into a straight guy’s tight tender hole is something you don’t want to miss.  In all though, it was pretty cool if not clinical.  Our favorite graphic designer was on set and made a great creative director as he positioned the models to get the hottest shots and angles.

Original CockyBoy, Wolf Hudson

One of the scenes that we shot was with Harem Hotties Pierre Fitch and Wolf Hudson.  Both guys were excited to shoot with each other and show the “No Pain, No Gain” theme that we’re implementing.  (If it doesn’t hurt while you’re getting pounded, then somebody’s doing something wrong.)

Needless to say, the guys got along very well and then did a flip-flop scene.  Wolf later told me later that though Pierre was a great bottom, he’s also a formidable top and Pierre’s thick cock really put a hurting on Wolf’s hole….

Pierre Fitch sucking on Wolf Hudson's Cock

So there’s your explanation.

I’ll be uploading some images from my trip to Montreal and Vegas as well as hot pictures of scenes that we’re shooting.  I’ve seen them… you’ll really be turned on.

Wolf Hudson puts it in Pierre Fitch's Butt

Your Certified Gay Porn Addict, Hugo Harley

*Harry Potter reference

I Want Your Love

Gay Porn Transmission From on July 7, 2010

Hello GPAs!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been OBSESSED with a short art house film called I Want Your Love.  Presented by Naked Sword and directed by Travis Matthews, the short (to be part of a feature film) showed something you don’t see often: the perfect union of realistic emotion and sexuality.  IWYL shows two friends just hanging out and the progression that takes place when they choose to further their seemingly platonic relationship sexually.  Those of you that are fans of John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus know how powerful portraying sexuality through film can be — especially if it’s done right.  It can be freeing and help us realize that we have nothing to be ashamed of.

Yes, I know this veers away from the usual blatant cock-into-ass-piss-in-my-mouth-cum-on-my-face type of programming that I NEED GAY PORN BLOG usually portrays.  However, what if porn went into this direction?  Think about it: gay adult films with plausible story lines, actual acting, emotional connections with characters/models.  That’s what I Want Your Love did for me.  It featured two cute guys having smoldering sex but their story, their emotional connection took me beyond that orgasm.

Click Here to watch the film on Naked Sword. It’ll be worth your while, I promise.

I hope you enjoy that.  You know you love it.

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

Hot Enough for Ya?

Gay Porn Transmission From on June 30, 2010

Hello Fellow GPAs:

July is practically upon us!  This means that it’s going to be extra hot and more people will be going around with less clothes on.  To celebrate the coming of July and the rampant nudity that we will all soon enjoy, I’ve made a little gift for you, my loyal readers.  It’s a Brodie Sinclair desktop calendar.  Featuring Brodie (who bottomed for the first time EVER on, this wallpaper is a bit dark & snarky… kinda like my soul.

For the full 1280 x 960 image, CLICK HERE! (Just right-click and set as your desktop wallpaper.)

To see the infamous scene of Brodie getting fucked by RC Ryan on DVD, go to and grab a copy of (whaddya know) First Time Fucked!

You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

You Sexy Fuck!

Gay Porn Transmission From on June 29, 2010

Hello fellow Gay Porn Addicts!

Another beautiful day…. sure, it’s hot a hell but all the more reason to take your clothes off!

So, the guys at Dominic Ford (the makers of Body Heat and Whorrey Potter–which won Best Comedy at this year’s Grabby Awards) sent me the trailer for their upcoming DVD: SEXY FUCK.  It’s more like Holy Sexy Fuck!  The best part is you have a choice to watch the movie is regular 2D or eye-popping 3D (I say in my best Billy Mays voice.)

You’ve got Colby Keller, Topher DiMaggio, Tristan Matthews, Zach Alexander, Jayden Grey, and Cameron Adams all on one DVD.  Yes… You may ejaculate onto your keyboard now.  Check out the trailer!

Click here To Watch Video
Click For Hot Gay Video!

Benny Morecock has got the DVD over on

You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certified “3D Porn Pushing” GPA

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