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Gay Porn Transmission From on July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011


New York, NY- EuroMedia announced today it has signed Benny Morecock,
Creative Director of and creator of the popular gay porn blog, to a worldwide DVD distribution, brand management, and
licensing deal. EuroMedia will be launching a new DVD line called “BENNY
MORECOCK Presents”, with the first release “RIDE MY DISCO STICK” featuring
the fresh-faced CockyBoy Mason Star, to be followed by “KINK INK”, which will
feature tough tattooed boys.

“The inspiration for my new line was simple: I wanted to deliver customers MORE
COCK at a great price! All my DVDs will be retailing at $19.99,” says Morecock.” I
want my DVD line to be light-hearted and fun, taking small cues and inspiration from
pop culture. Like my blog, the Benny Morecock line will deliver my favorite hot content
for people to get off to, but at the same time having a little fun and not taking things too
seriously. When someone hears Benny Morecock, I don’t want them to think just porn
blog or DVD line—I want it to be a destination.”

“We are super excited to welcome this porn prodigy into the stable,” says Hugo Harley,
Director of Development at Euro Media. “At 23 years old, Benny may be one
of the youngest gay porn producers working today. Morecock, who started writing his
eponymous blog only two years ago, was tapped by Kyle Majors as the Creative Director
of award-winning pro-am website His recent redesign and the re-launch of
the site has been hugely successful, so when he pitched us his idea for a new DVD line
it was a no-brainer. There are not that many high-quality, new release discount lines in
the market today. The quality combined with the $19.99 MSRP will make this a winning

Benny Morecock’s debut DVD is titled “RIDE MY DISCO STICK”, which is a
small shout out to everyone’s favorite pop monster. It features CockyBoys’
signature up-and-coming model Mason Star, who recently signed an exclusive contract
with the company. “I thought Mason was a perfect choice to feature on my first DVD.
He’s hot, has a giant cock, and he’s got terrific energy in front of the camera. He’s a
performer in every sense of the word, and he embodies exactly what I want my DVD line
to be about,” says Benny.

However, not all upcoming releases will feature exclusively CockyBoys talent. Says
Morecock: “I just want to put the hottest new content on DVD. Of course, some of it will
be from CockyBoys, but some scenes will be from other productions I put together.”

Both Benny Morecock titles are available for pre-order now at TLA Video here:

For DVD Sales and Inquires contact:
Hugo Harley
Euro Media Distribution
New York, NY
Phone: 888.625.5788

I Wanna Marry Mason Star…

Gay Porn Transmission From on July 1, 2011

On June 24th, 2011, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marriage Equality Act of 2011 in New York State.  This extends the right of marriage to all citizens, regardless of gender/sex.

The night that the news was announced, the excitement and joy in the air was palpable.  I saw grown men cry and the most sardonic of people smile and laugh.  Even the icy casing around my heart melted… a bit.

Hey GPAs:

Yesterday, the Sword published an interview with Cocky Boys exclusive Mason Star.  Now, as I’ve said before, I think Mason is pretty freaking awesome.  His personality, his intelligence and his openness really speaks to me.  He is serious about this business and wants to go far.  I definitely like some of his responses on the interview.  My favorite?:

As a performer today, you almost have to share your entire personal life online. Do you feel obligated to communicate with fans through social media? Would you be doing it anyways if you weren’t someone in the public eye?
I would be doing it anyways, the tweeting and the posting of pics, as it gives people an opportunity to meet me. If it wasn’t for porn fans I obviously wouldn’t be here. I like to show people what I’m doing, where I’m going, where I’m hanging out with friends, and all the costumes I make when I dance. I want people to see my artistic side and know who I really am. I don’t want to just be like, “Here’s this scene I did, here’s this scene I did, here’s this naked pic of me, here’s this guy I fucked, here I am shooting a scene.”

For this reason alone, I would marry Mason.  (And now, in New York, I can!)  His life is an open book.  He’s hot.  He’s sexy.

However this may conflict with the totally-in-my-head-delusional engagement to Kennedy Carter.  And to Gabriel Clark.  And Pierre Fitch. And Wolf Hudson.  And Jessie Santana.   And Matt Hughes.  And DJ Mann.

Anyway, head over to The Sword to read the interview, ogle at the pictures and j/o to my future concubine, Mason Harley-Star. (noticed how I joined our names….)

–Your Resident GPA, Hugo “Boy Crazy” Harley

Kevin Crows

Gay Porn Transmission From on June 22, 2011

Both Benny Morecock and Brian Ritz seem to really like Kevin Crows.  This is me jumping on the bandwagon.

From BMC

Kevin Crows— he’s got a rock hard body, and a dick that can function as a prosthetic leg. I had the opportunity to meet him and that’s when I was truly became smitten. He’s charming, cool and just a chill dude. Therefore: he rocks my cock.

Kevin Crows
Kevin Crows
Kevin Crows
Kevin Crows
Kevin Crows


Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: MASON STAR

Gay Porn Transmission From on June 8, 2011

We were at a porn shop.  Mason Star and I just had a long hard day of shooting a new scene for Cocky  We saw all the cool DVDs on the shelves (including some of which yours truly has helped conceptualize.)  We came across a vibrating ass that advertised movement up to 7 speeds!  Mason looks over at me and stated “I bet you I could vibrate my ass up to 7 speeds…”

He can.

...and with that a Star was born...

Hey Gay Porn Addicts:

I hope you noticed that in the past couple of weeks, Cocky Boys has gotten a MAJOR face lift.  Not only has Benny Morecock re-skinned the entire user interface but we (the production team) have also been working on simply the hottest content we could come up with.  This also means getting some HOT NEW GUYS!

Mason Star, Cocky Boys Exclusive

My favorite part of the day (besides watching porn) is to go through all the potential models for our scenes.  A Cocky Boy is hot, confident, mischievous and has a big dick.  If you combine that criteria with an awesome personality, you’ve got the makings of  ::gasp:: a Cocky Boy Exclusive.  Jesse Santana was one. Wolf Hudson was one. And now Mason Star is one.

Mason Star is the first Cocky Boys exclusive in what is to now to be known as the Morecock Era.  When we first saw this go-go boy’s body,  we all did a double take.  He was too hot for words.  We spoke to him on the phone a couple of times and we did a couple of scenes.  We’ve never had such a pleasant experience with a model.  It was a no-brainer when we decided that we had to have Mason as an exclusive.

Mason Star Shooting a Load

When we shot this past weekend in my hometown, I had the chance to have a heart to heart with Mason.  One may think that a guy that is as hot as he is would be full of himself.  One couldn’t be more wrong.  Mason is down to earth, humble, funny and VERY mischievous.  And as every producer/director knows, you need that kind of energy on set–especially when you’re stuck in an awkward position for long lengths of time.

Mason Star + Gabriel Clark


In all, I have happy–nay–PROUD to have Mason Star as a Cocky Boys Exclusive and a fellow Jamieson drinker.  Be sure to check him out in his future scenes with Gabriel Clark, Adrian Long and the whole cast of hot hung cocky dudes.  I especially liked shooting the scene at a strip club in which Gabriel fucked Mason to the point of climax and then proceed to lap up his cum (while his cock still pounded away inside Mason’s ass.)  Oh!– and the time Gabriel was fucking Mason and Mason flipped him over and— I must not say any more.  You’ll see these in a while on the new Cocky  Go on and check it out.  You know you want to.

-Hugo “Team Mason” Harley, Your Resident GPA.

Slores Galore!

Gay Porn Transmission From on April 20, 2011

I’ve  been known to call one or two of my friends “slores.”  Now, I know you must be thinking that I mean to hurt my friends’ feelings.  However, I do mean it in the most endearing way. (It’s like gay guys calling each other “gurl.” Or black girls calling each other “bitch.”  Or black guys calling each other — never mind, you get the point.)  So if I ever call you a slore, it just means I think highly of you.

So today, I thought I’d put up some images of just hot guys.

Ben Andrews

Future Cocky Boy

Enough for today!

TWINCEST Is Romantic!

Gay Porn Transmission From on April 19, 2011

So the SUPREME GPAs at TLA Video announced the winners of the 2nd annual TLA Video Awards.  In these awards, TLA asks that people vote for the movie, director, or performer they think is the most romantic, badass, awesome, etc.  I like these awards because the public could vote for the stars that they think is the hottest (like Kennedy Carter.)  And the categories are pretty cool as well.  Where else will you have a category like TWITTER-MANIAC: MOST PROLIFIC IN THE BIZ. (The winner was Kennedy Carter, btw.)

This year, TABOO was voted the most romantic video of the year… go figure.  WHORREY & THE SORCERER’S BALLS won the Year’s Craxxxiest Name For a Movie.

Peters Twins Taboo


Congratulations to our exclusive producers Lukas Ridgeston and Dominic Ford.

On an unrelated note, I’m now stalking Kennedy Carter.

…and we’re back… (Tory Mason)

Gay Porn Transmission From on April 18, 2011

I promise that I think of you guys. I really do. But who else is going to bring you the hottest DVDs that Brian and Ben are always promoting? One of my jobs is to work with our producers to bring you the hottest videos possible, whatever the content. While going over the next studios/releases, I realized something: I REALLY love porn. However, there are a couple of guys that stand out for me. I see (not joking), hundreds of hot guys every day. I’ve made it my mission to watch as many hot guys fucking as possible? Why? (Aside from the personal reasons,) I like to know who’s out there. I like to know what is “hot.”

One Cocky Boy that I’ve always noticed is Tory Mason. He’s one of the hottest guys I’ve seen on screen. It’s simple: he’s adorable, real, and a voracious power bottom. Oh… and he’s a Cocky Boy. So, forgive me for my time between posts. Nasty Nate has crawled up my ass and told me that he will not allow another day to go by without a post.

Please enjoy this video of Tory. He’s drunk, a bit forward, and looking adorable as hell… my type of guy.

Your humble GPA, Hugo Harley


Gay Porn Transmission From on April 11, 2011

April 7, 2011




New York, NY – The most viewed couple on XTUBE (with over 90 million views) and amateur adult site owners MaverickMen ( have taken things one step further in expanding their audience outside of the web and have responded to consumer demand to release their content on DVD.  Today it was announced that the “it” porn couple have entered into a global distribution agreement with EuroMedia Distribution, the largest gay owned and operated distribution company in North America known for exclusively distributing the largest and best-selling gay DVD lines in recent years.

Hugo Harley of EuroMedia says of the MaverickMen DVD line “What’s so great about this line is there is simply nothing like it in the market right now. What they are doing is 100% authentic and it is done well which shows when you watch the DVD. In our opinion it’s the best thing out there in the reality/amateur market and we are very enthusiastic about the line and its broad potential.”

Today the first of several DVDs slated for 2011 was announced.  The first title is called ‘Deep Woods Drilling” and features several of the top three-ways that theMaverickMen ever filmed including an outdoor scene with porn star stud Brandon Lewis that is not to be missed.  See DVD below:

Earlier in the year MaverickMen made a strong entrance into the online market with the launch of, a site that continues to grow in traffic and sales month after month.  This DVD distribution deal was the natural next step for the guys who have such a large following already.

MaverickMen says “We received a great reaction from fans right at the beginning on XTUBE which lead to fans asking us to start our own site, which lead to our own book, then people started asking us if they can get our videos on DVD.  EuroMedia has really brought the DVD line to life, partnering with such a big player in the industry was the natural next step for us. We are very excited that our fans get to see us on DVD and that people who may not have heard of us will become fans by seeing our DVDs in stores.”

Check out “Deep Woods Drilling” in stores now and keep an eye out for more releases to follow throughout the year with MaverickMen via EuroMedia Distribution.

Wholesale orders please contact:
Hugo Harley
Euro Media Distribution
New York, NY
Phone: 888.625.5788

“I Taught Your Boyfriend That Thing You Like”

Gay Porn Transmission From on January 19, 2011

During my recess, I met up with my ex.  He’s an interesting character…ever so talkative.  I told him that I looked him up on Facebook and noticed that he was in a relationship.  I congratulated him.  He looked at me and said pensively, “If only he could do that thing you used to do with your tongue.” I told him that I learned my best tricks from pornstars.

Do that thing your tongue again.

Hello GPAs:

Here is day 2 of behind the scenes footage from our most recent shoot for  You will recognize two of our favorite new Cocky Boys: TRENT DIESEL & GABRIEL CLARK.  Yessir, we just had to put these two together.  Trent Diesel is a laid back sex monster and Gabriel is an aggressive big-dicked power fucker.  Wait till you see the scene! CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR BEHIND-THE-SCENES FOOTAGE.

Click here To Watch Video
Click For Hot Gay Video!

More to cum:

Your orally talented GPA, Hugo Harley

“Do You Want to Pound My Boy Pussy?”

Gay Porn Transmission From on January 18, 2011

I was hanging out my favorite dive bar in the East Village, writing ideas for upcoming shoots when I overheard a guy say this to somebody he was trying to pick up.  I remember pausing, looking up, and wondering if I had somehow stumbled onto a porn set without my knowing.  It made me think: was porn influencing reality or was reality influencing porn?

Pound My Boy Pussy

Hello GPAs:

After a couple of months of working behind the scenes to finish out 2010, I’m happy to say that I’ve now got a moment to share.  It’s been an interesting (and cold) coupla months.  But I’m sure that BMC and SMB have been keeping you apprised of all the bullet points.

Speaking of pounding boy pussy, I have been coordinating some pretty interesting scenes for Cocky Boys.  As a gift to you, here is sneak peek of what’s upcoming.  CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR SOME BEHIND-THE-SCENES FOOTAGE!

Click here To Watch Video
Click For Hot Gay Video!

More to Come:

Your ever loving GPA, Hugo Harley

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