The Real Human Centipede!

Posted By on August 29, 2013


I’ve been to a few gyms in my life (mostly for the delicious smoothies and promises of anonymous gay sex) but never one like this. Seriously, I thought that all gyms were like this. One minute you’re doing bicep curls and the next you’re deep throating a jock’s delicious hot cock outside of the steam room.

This video is great for a few reasons.

1) It has three hot ass men doing things the Bible outlaws;

2) Everyone is really tan with nicely trimmed pubes, and

3) There is a three way dick suck party! Also, this may just be the steroids talking but I really enjoy some hot jocks passionately kissing and they do a lot of that in this video.

I don’t know why these guys aren’t afraid of someone walking into the locker room but I’m glad they’re not. One of the guys stands in the corner while his buddy lowers himself onto their trainer’s cock. He just holds himself up (amazing upper body strength) while his friend rams into his bunghole, no condoms, just nice pur cock.

It may not be the best use of an expensive gym membership but intense gay butt sex probably burns a lot of calories, right?

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3 Responses to “The Real Human Centipede!”

  1. Evgen says:

    oooh im masterbating and it feels so good i love porn! i want to lick dick

  2. 真是学无止境!

  3. 笑八达 says:


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