Mason & Tommy Sittin’ In A Tree…

Posted By on September 6, 2011

After his scene with ____________*, Mason Star looked a bit confused.  When asked what was bothering him, Mason replied that he felt a bit “off balance.” When asked to elaborate, Mason looked across the loft at Tommy Defendi and exclaimed that Tommy had broken him.

Apparently Tommy Defendi’s cock had left an impression in Mason Star’s ass…. sex has not been the same for him since.

Tommy & Mason Kissing: Rainbows & Puppies cute!

Hey GPAs:

Earlier this month, the Cocky Boys team gathered in La Belle Ville to shoot some of new scenes for the site.  I love traveling to my hometown: the boys, the rusticness, the sex — it’s all worth it.  It also helped that it was Gay Pride.  Needless to say that when the scenes were shot and in the can (pun!), we went out to enjoy what the city had to offer, namely the hot guys, clubs and mega parties.

Mason & Tommy with Real Life Cocky Boy Boyfriends: Adrian Long & Brandon Jones

But more on that later.

There are rumors circulation about a so-called relationship between Cocky Boys exclusives Mason Star and Tommy Defendi.  Is everybody jumping to conclusions?  Are the guys “together?”  Because I cannot directly comment on the nature of their relationship, I will offer some facts.

  • Tommy and Mason had a scene together in which Tommy Defendi ruins Mason Star sex life. (See first paragraph)
  • Upon meeting up with each other again, Tommy & Mason were inseperable.  (They ate every meal together.  They took showers together.  And though they had separate bedrooms at the loft, Mason was always found curled up in Tommy’s bed next to him.)
  • When we went out, nobody fucked with Mason… because Tommy was always two feet away.
  • Though we have a policy of non-fraternization while off-camera, Mason & Tommy insisted on “practicing their scenes” every chance they got. (This included kissing, holding hands and the occasional bed rocking episode — which had management phone us to make sure nobody was being hurt… too much)
  • Mason’s ex-Montreal-husband-to-be was put in check when Tommy informed him that Mason was now off  limits.

Mason sexually assaulting ice cream

I toadally love the tishirt

So, there you have it.   You judge for yourselves.
-Your certified GPA, Hugo Harley
*Find out which hot Canadian Porn Star Mason Star rode soon.
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