Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: MASON STAR

Posted By on June 8, 2011

We were at a porn shop.  Mason Star and I just had a long hard day of shooting a new scene for Cocky  We saw all the cool DVDs on the shelves (including some of which yours truly has helped conceptualize.)  We came across a vibrating ass that advertised movement up to 7 speeds!  Mason looks over at me and stated “I bet you I could vibrate my ass up to 7 speeds…”

He can.

...and with that a Star was born...

Hey Gay Porn Addicts:

I hope you noticed that in the past couple of weeks, Cocky Boys has gotten a MAJOR face lift.  Not only has Benny Morecock re-skinned the entire user interface but we (the production team) have also been working on simply the hottest content we could come up with.  This also means getting some HOT NEW GUYS!

Mason Star, Cocky Boys Exclusive

My favorite part of the day (besides watching porn) is to go through all the potential models for our scenes.  A Cocky Boy is hot, confident, mischievous and has a big dick.  If you combine that criteria with an awesome personality, you’ve got the makings of  ::gasp:: a Cocky Boy Exclusive.  Jesse Santana was one. Wolf Hudson was one. And now Mason Star is one.

Mason Star is the first Cocky Boys exclusive in what is to now to be known as the Morecock Era.  When we first saw this go-go boy’s body,  we all did a double take.  He was too hot for words.  We spoke to him on the phone a couple of times and we did a couple of scenes.  We’ve never had such a pleasant experience with a model.  It was a no-brainer when we decided that we had to have Mason as an exclusive.

Mason Star Shooting a Load

When we shot this past weekend in my hometown, I had the chance to have a heart to heart with Mason.  One may think that a guy that is as hot as he is would be full of himself.  One couldn’t be more wrong.  Mason is down to earth, humble, funny and VERY mischievous.  And as every producer/director knows, you need that kind of energy on set–especially when you’re stuck in an awkward position for long lengths of time.

Mason Star + Gabriel Clark


In all, I have happy–nay–PROUD to have Mason Star as a Cocky Boys Exclusive and a fellow Jamieson drinker.  Be sure to check him out in his future scenes with Gabriel Clark, Adrian Long and the whole cast of hot hung cocky dudes.  I especially liked shooting the scene at a strip club in which Gabriel fucked Mason to the point of climax and then proceed to lap up his cum (while his cock still pounded away inside Mason’s ass.)  Oh!– and the time Gabriel was fucking Mason and Mason flipped him over and— I must not say any more.  You’ll see these in a while on the new Cocky  Go on and check it out.  You know you want to.

-Hugo “Team Mason” Harley, Your Resident GPA.

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