…and we’re back… (Tory Mason)

Posted By on April 18, 2011

I promise that I think of you guys. I really do. But who else is going to bring you the hottest DVDs that Brian and Ben are always promoting? One of my jobs is to work with our producers to bring you the hottest videos possible, whatever the content. While going over the next studios/releases, I realized something: I REALLY love porn. However, there are a couple of guys that stand out for me. I see (not joking), hundreds of hot guys every day. I’ve made it my mission to watch as many hot guys fucking as possible? Why? (Aside from the personal reasons,) I like to know who’s out there. I like to know what is “hot.”

One Cocky Boy that I’ve always noticed is Tory Mason. He’s one of the hottest guys I’ve seen on screen. It’s simple: he’s adorable, real, and a voracious power bottom. Oh… and he’s a Cocky Boy. So, forgive me for my time between posts. Nasty Nate has crawled up my ass and told me that he will not allow another day to go by without a post.

Please enjoy this video of Tory. He’s drunk, a bit forward, and looking adorable as hell… my type of guy.

Your humble GPA, Hugo Harley

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