TWINCEST Is Romantic!

Posted By on April 19, 2011

So the SUPREME GPAs at TLA Video announced the winners of the 2nd annual TLA Video Awards.  In these awards, TLA asks that people vote for the movie, director, or performer they think is the most romantic, badass, awesome, etc.  I like these awards because the public could vote for the stars that they think is the hottest (like Kennedy Carter.)  And the categories are pretty cool as well.  Where else will you have a category like TWITTER-MANIAC: MOST PROLIFIC IN THE BIZ. (The winner was Kennedy Carter, btw.)

This year, TABOO was voted the most romantic video of the year… go figure.  WHORREY & THE SORCERER’S BALLS won the Year’s Craxxxiest Name For a Movie.

Peters Twins Taboo


Congratulations to our exclusive producers Lukas Ridgeston and Dominic Ford.

On an unrelated note, I’m now stalking Kennedy Carter.

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  1. Apartments says:

    Kennedy Carter really deserves the award because he is very hot and handsome. I’ve watched a lot of videos of him before and he never fails to amused me with his appeal.

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