What’s Pride got to do with it?

Posted By on June 28, 2010

So…it’s Pride month in the US.  What better excuse for guys to show what they’re really proud of: showing off their cocks and bodies to other admirers.  You’ve gotta admit, the gays do love to show off… everything.

To celebrate my return from porn rehab (as you can tell, it didn’t stick), I will supply you with the hot trailer from Fuck Machines.  I swear, you’ll cum in a couple of minutes.

Click here To Watch Video
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As always, you could find Fuck Machine at StudMall.com.  You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certified (Incurable) GPA

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Product Manager of EuroMedia Distribution as well as fellow Gay Porn Addict!


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  1. I love Cocky Boys, they always seem to find the hottest guys out there. Great post, thanks!

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