Hot Enough for Ya?

| June 30, 2010

Hello Fellow GPAs:

July is practically upon us! This means that it’s going to be extra hot and more people will be going around with less clothes on. To celebrate the coming of July and the rampant nudity that we will all soon enjoy, I’ve made a little gift for you, my loyal readers. It’s a Brodie Sinclair desktop calendar. Featuring Brodie (who bottomed for the first time EVER on, this wallpaper is a bit dark & snarky… kinda like my soul.

You Sexy Fuck!

| June 29, 2010

Hello fellow Gay Porn Addicts!

Another beautiful day…. sure, it’s hot a hell but all the more reason to take your clothes off!

So, the guys at Dominic Ford (the makers of Body Heat and Whorrey Potter–which won Best Comedy at this year’s Grabby Awards) sent me the trailer for their upcoming DVD: SEXY FUCK. It’s more like Holy Sexy Fuck! The best part is you have a choice to watch the movie is regular 2D or eye-popping 3D (I say in my best Billy Mays voice.)

What’s Pride got to do with it?

| June 28, 2010

So…it’s Pride month in the US.  What better excuse for guys to show what they’re really proud of: showing off their cocks and bodies to other admirers.  You’ve gotta admit, the gays do love to show off… everything. To celebrate my return from porn rehab (as you can tell, it didn’t stick), I will supply […]

Skin on Skin Part Deux

| June 4, 2010

One film I’m particular excited about is the next bareback release from Bel Ami: SKIN ON SKIN. I know I teased it in my last post but now here’s all the images and yes, a trailer!

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