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Posted By on May 20, 2010

Hello all:

As promised, here is the interview of Tommy by Benny Morecock, Brian Ritz, and myself.

Hugo Harley: Tommy, meet Benny Morecock and Brian Ritz!

Benny Morecock: nice to meet you!

Tommy 9×6: hey guys

Brian Ritz: Hiya!

HH: i was just mentioning to Tommy that we’re really excited to interview his cock…

HH: i mean him

HH: we’ll make it simple.

HH: open forum, natural conversation

HH: So, let’s talk about you a bit. Could you tell us about yourself?

Tommy 9×6: I’m just a typical student. but i really love playing music, thats definitely my passion.

BR: what do you play?

BR: THE SKIN FLUTE?!?!? yuk yuk yuk

HH: ::shakes head at Brian::

Tommy 9×6: I play guitar, drums, bass, sing, just about anything

Tommy 9×6: hahaha that too

HH: With the email updates that you send to your members on you mention that you’re in school. How is that going? What’s your major?

Tommy 9×6: Although i’d love to for exposure, it would be weird if i got youtube comments saying, “this is the dude with the really big dick who jacks off online! good song tho!”

HH: hahaha

BM: lol

Tommy 9×6: School’s going well, I’m an engineering major desperately trying to find an internship. Finals are coming up next week, so i have to focus on a good GPA.

HH: Engineering major… as in math whiz?

BR: hah. whiz.

HH: ::shakes head again::

Tommy 9×6: I hate reading, and i suck at writing. the next best thing was math lol.

BR: just to clarify (for me): what’s your sexuality, anyway?

Tommy 9×6: I’m just an average straight dude who likes to show off, i suppose

BR: and your audience is mostly gay guys?

Tommy 9×6: yea, that sounds about right

BM: So…when did you start to realize you were particularly well endowed?

Tommy 9×6: hmmm…probably not until i was around 16-ish. I thought i was average because of the pornos i had watched. plus it was typical of 16 year olds to lie about their dick size, so i felt that i was normal

Tommy 9×6: i found out with my first girlfriend, more or less

BM: how did you first girlfriend react? ecstatic

BM: ?

Tommy 9×6: haha, yea i remember she first put her hands down my pants. before she was able to see the length she said, “Wow, your thick!”

BM: Do you have a girlfriend?

Tommy 9×6: Single at the moment. Although i’m not too much of a relationship guy.

BM: What made you start on xtube? Did you like the veyeuristic quality?

Tommy 9×6: yea, of course. I can’t remember how i found the site, but it seemed everyone on the site was having a good time. i thought i would join in

HH: So, how did come about? I’ve seen your profile and vids on xtube. How did that progression occur?

Tommy 9×6: I started out on xtube and just posted a few pictures of myself. I was surprised by the flood of comments and all the views. It was really exciting

BR: i’m sure you’ve gotten loads (!) of propositions from viewers wanting to do a scene with you…have any other performers ever contacted you in hopes of shooting (!) something?

Tommy 9×6: yes, i have. i don’t think a day goes by without 20 people emailing me that they want to do a scene with me. I’ve talked more seriously to few, but no luck so far. Who knows

BM: Have you ever thought about doing a scene with another guy? Either a jack-off or something else?

Tommy 9×6: I’ve considered it, but i’m not too sure if i would ever actually do it.

BR: Alright, give us some juicy stuff: if you had to do a scene with one male and one female performer, who would they be?

Tommy 9×6: hahaha ok. i really like the girl, i forget her name. and for a guy, i’d say Peter North. He’s my porn hero.

HH: Classic choice in Peter North.

Tommy 9×6: big dick, and big loads. just like me lol

HH: haha

BM: How do you feel about the fact that there’s a hundred gay guys out there jacking off to you every day? Even though you’re straight, do you find that thought erotic? Or is more of the worship factor that you like?

Tommy 9×6: It’s a good feeling. It’s good to make people feel happy, even though i do it by jacking off…It’s still an erotic feeling, reading the comments. my favorite comments are when people post on my pictures and say that they think that it’s photoshopped.

BM: haha

BR: but yes. [tommy], what’s been your best/sexiest sexperience?

Tommy 9×6: hmmm, lets see. I used to mess around this girl who had absolutely no gag reflex. That was a lot of fun. I could literally do whatever i wanted. I would thrust it in as far and hard as i could. good memories.

HH: that’s actually hot.

HH: do girls have a hard time accommodating your size?

Tommy 9×6: It’s not too much of a problem. Nothing that a little bit of spit lube can’t help.

BM: i’d imagine it’s a bit tougher for a guy to accommodate you member

BM: it’s worhsipful, but i cringe

Tommy 9×6: yea, i’d say so

HH: haha. Yeah, I could stare at it all day… ::as I click through

BM: When you’re not shooting for your website, how often do you masturbate? And long?

Tommy 9×6: I probably crank it about once a day. sometimes more sometimes less. I don’t time myself, but maybe 10 minutes?

BM: You’ve make masturbation look like an art, so I was just wondering if it’s that ritualistic even without the camera

Tommy 9×6: My favorite part of what i do is that its natural. It’s not acting, it’s the real thing.

BR: do your friends and/or family know what you do? or do you just tell them you have a ‘cool job’ that ‘pays well’ ?

Tommy 9×6: Only a select few of my friends know what I do. I try to keep any spending on the low.

BM: Do you see a continued future for yourself in this business? Or do you have other plans?

BR: so what are your plans for tommy 9×6′s future?

BR: haha great minds…

HH: so you’re a sexy math whiz studying engineering with a huge cock. (had to wipe up the drool) What do you want to do in the future? What’s next for tommy the porn star?

HH: great minds..

Tommy 9×6: I plan on doing this for quite some time. I’m enjoying myself. I think the next step would be to get someone else involved. I get many comments of people saying, “Tommy please fuck something, anything!”. I’m looking into doing some straight porn, so we’ll see how that goes.

Tommy 9×6: i guess that answers all three questions lol

BM: lol

HH: awesome…

HH: I think we’re about ready to wrape up.

BR: hahaha

HH: “wrape”… freudian slip maybe?

HH: Do you have anything you want to say to your existing and future fans?

Tommy 9×6: keep on jackin’

There it guys, the Tommy 9×6 Interview.  Be sure to pop over to his website to watch his hot videos.

You know you love it!

Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

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4 Responses to “Tommy Interview”

  1. syko says:

    hope you’re enjoying your summer, Tommy! thanks for putting up the interview! hope you get a job offer! ;) if thats what you want to do…

    on the other hand…sorry to hear you’re str8 :(( was hoping at least bi so there’d be a chance of seeing you with another guy…but that aint gonna happen :(

    good luck with school & the site & everything!

    take care!

  2. Fredie says:

    Te ves muy hermoso TOMMY
    me encantas…!

    Te mando muchos saludos TOMMY

  3. Leon says:

    Hi Tommy- and thank you and Hugo for that interview – I knew it all but wonderful to read it – and see your pictures again – you just look handsome – and would like to see you one day. Take care and bless you.
    warm hugs.

  4. Steve says:

    Great interview Tommy! Thanks for sharing the entire interview. It’s great to hear that you’re planning to keep up your work on your blog for sometime to come. I never grow tired of looking at that huge cock!!! :)

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