We’d Like to Thank the Academy…

Posted By on April 15, 2010

Hey GPA’s:

You’ll be happy to know that I Need Gay Porn: the Blog is now mobile!  This means that whether you’re on the road or in a meeting or waiting for your daughter to come out of ballet class, you can always view my rantings and reviews on your mobile device.  Think about it… porn wherever you may be…. Hugo Harley reaching out to you wherever you are.

So yesterday, the Supreme GPAs at TLA Video chose the winners of their first annual awards.  You’ll be happy to know that some of our studios won!

Year’s Filthiest Flick:


Tastiest Oral Cumshot:


we also got a Runner-Up for Best Intergenerational Flick:

Dad Takes a Fishing Trip

As usual, all these films are available at STUDMALL.COM.

You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certified “On Your Mobile Devices” GPA

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