A Birthday Gift for GPAs

Posted By on April 21, 2010

Hello GPAs:

On this day: 1)Rome was founded.  2)Congress establishes the US Mint.  3)Queen Elizabeth II, Tony Danza and Hugo Harley were born.

As I turn 25 today (yes, I’m old…I know), I thought I’d share with you a sweet little birthday gift I received from my last Harem Hottie, Steven Smith.  Steven has made more videos for Xtube as well as a special video for me.  I promised him that I would share it with you guys.

Personally, I think that this video is HOT!  I LOVE amateur videos. Yes, there is no sound. (That’s an unfortunate aspect that Steven is working on.) However, the intention, the sex, the mood… it’s all there.  Watch as Steven and his boyfriend Adam really work each other over.  From fingering, to sucking, using a vibrator AND a Fleshjack, deepthroating, swallowing, the video is hot and sexy from beginning to end.  (I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam’s tender hole get plowed next time, would you?)


Click here To Watch Video
Click For Hot Gay Video!

Now that I’ve shared FREE porn with you guys (you’re welcome), I’m going to join some of my friends for a round of Jamieson.  It’s a great birthday indeed.

You know you love it!

-Hugo Harley, Certifiably “Suffering from a Quarter Life Crisis” GPA

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Product Manager of EuroMedia Distribution as well as fellow Gay Porn Addict!


2 Responses to “A Birthday Gift for GPAs”

  1. Brian Ritz says:

    You did not have a round of Jameson! You had RABBIT!

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