TWINCEST! Harley weighs in…

Posted By on March 30, 2010

Hey GPAs:

Most of you may be shocked that this the third day in a row that I’m posting.  Well, every other week wasn’t cutting it (especially for Brian Ritz.)  But so much has happened around the company and in the industry in general so it’s only fair that I update you as much as possible.

(Be on the lookout for an upcoming interview with a potential model that I found on Xtube…coming Friday!)

Peters Twins

So, both Brian and Benny Morecock have commented on Bel Ami’s infamous bareback scene between identical twin brothers Milo and Elijah Peters.  Those posts have gotten a LOT of attention from readers and many people have emailed and either condemned us or praised us.  Then I started getting emails and calls from my colleagues in the industry to comment on the movie.  But I’ve kept mum… until now.

Peters Twins

As everybody knows, TODD & DOLPH and TABOO will be distributed by Euro Media Distribution.  I, for one, am THRILLED to be carrying Bel Ami.  The style, the models, everything about Bel Ami movies are a Gay Porn Addict’s (wet) dream.  I’ll even admit that when I was watching Johan Paulik getting pounded in An American in Paris at 16 and was jerking off to it every night.  (When coupled with the fact that I had to hide the movie from my parents and watch it in the middle of the night with headphones on, the adventure made orgasms even better.)  That being said, Bel Ami is always trying to push the envelope on the quality of their films and the caliber of guys that they use.

Peters Twins

However, even I was surprised by the bold move of using twins to fuck each other on film.  I heard about it being done.  I’ve seen twins making out.  I’ve even seen brothers fucking.  But twins.  Alas, the last taboo, put on film.

Peters Twins

When I first heard that the Peters twins were fucking each other on film, I paused… and batted an eye.  In that split second, I KNEW I had to see it.  Watching identical twin brothers fucking, how often are you going to see that?   But… on the other hand, there was slight nagging feeling I had… “Is this wrong?  Could this happen?” After many a months thinking about this and trying to figure out my feelings, I finally reconciled all my concerns.

I was intellectually stimulated by twins fucking.  The thought of that taboo being shown for the whole world to see, it turns my mind on.  That nagging feeling I felt, that was the other part of my core saying letting me know that I knew I’d never be truly invested in it.  It’s just that simple.  I don’t even think it’s morally reprehensible… it can’t be wrong to express yourself with one you love.  It’s simply not for me.

So to recap: The Scholar/Psychologist in me says to watch to watch the movie, look at the way the brothers interact.  The Liberal in me says that free speech is imperative for the evolution of a forward thinking society.  And my moral compass says to watch the movie, you know your true self.

And that’s the way Hugo heeds it!*

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

*Yes, that was a bad attempt to emulate Sue Sylvester from Glee.

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  1. Brian Ritz says:

    I LOLd so hard at “the way Hugo heeds it”. I believe I once said “and that’s the way Brian…b’s it.”


    Awesome work.

  2. Nick says:

    This is RUDE RUDE RUDE. And makes me a little wet.

  3. Anonymous says:


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