Harley Awards 2010 (Part 2)

Posted By on January 11, 2010

Hello GPAs:

Here is Part II of the Harley Awards.  I’ll just finish rounding out my selects from the past year.

Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film:  Where the sex actually comes second!  Each winner showed that they had the acting chops to carry a film….though getting naked didn’t hurt.

Outstanding Actor

Outstanding Actor

Outstanding Hunk/Stud Feature:  No Twinks Allowed!  Manly men are hot and that’s all there is to it!  Sweat, adrenaline & testosterone fill the screen when these guys perform.Oustanding Hunk/Stud Feature

Outstanding Screenplay for a Feature Film:  Sometimes it takes a good story to turn the heat up.  These stories and plots moved the sex along and actually made fucking even hotter.Outstanding Screenplay

Outstanding Pro/Am Movie:  Who needs big budgets?  Movies like these are hot because of the authenticity of the performance of the models.  You come in, you fuck, you come, you leave.Outstanding Pro-Am

Outstanding Performance of the Year:  Bottom, top, twink, bear, stud, oral, fisting, bareback, piss, spanking…. no matter what these guys did, you’d get the movie because they were in it!

Outstanding Performance

Outstanding Performance

Outstanding Film of the Year:  These movies have achieve greatness indeed.  The formula for calculating this category? Easy.  If it could stick out in the mind of the jaded Product Manager of a distributor that carries over 400 films, with 3 new releases a week, after 800 hours of viewing lots of similar content, it’s a keeper.Outstanding Films: Must Haves

So there you have it, my friends; my list of must haves from 2009.  As I’ve mentioned before, this year will be a most exciting one.  Until next time.

-Hugo Harley, Your Certified GPA.

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