Harley Awards 2010 (Part 1)

Posted By on January 9, 2010


Fellow GPAs:

I am back from my much needed mini-vakay.  2009 really took a lot out me and I had to recharge to  bring you news from behind the scenes of the gay porn world.  Looking back at 2009, I’m really happy to have had so much fun doing something I love: watching gay porn… Many a queer would love to be in my position, I know.  So, my promise to you is to make this year even better than last year.  Especially now that I’m working on Horns & Halos…. (whoops did I give away the title of the next Cocky Boys movie?!)  Well, you can expect a lot of secrets (and semen) spilled this upcoming year.

Before I delve into porn news and the happenings of the company, I’d like to dedicate this weekend to the talent of 2009.  Since there will be no GAYVNs this year, I’ve decided to give out my own awards: the Harley Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Gay Adult Movies.  Everybody loves to be recognized for their work…porn producers are no different.  I’ve already calculated that I spent over 800 hours in the past year watching porn movies.  It’s time to put that time to good use.  Now unlike other awards, there is no one winner of these awards (face it, EVERYBODY wins when there’s an orgasm to be had).  Instead, I’ll name 3 winners in every category mentioned.

AND, each of these movies could be found on StudMall.com or sites of which I am a major fan (surprise, surprise.)

Outstanding Topping Performance:  These men commanded their scenes…. and their submissive bottoms.  When looking at their performance, you wanted to be on the receiving end of whatever they were dishing out.

Outstanding Top

Outstanding Bottoming Performance:  It takes a great (and hung!) man to be a top…. it takes an even greater (and tighter) man to be a bottom.  These bottoms made you wish that you came home to them…. in bed… wearing their knees as earrings.

Outstanding Bottoms

Outstanding Bottoms

Outstanding Direction:  A director carefully crafts a movie to make an orgasmic vision.  These talented directors have made movies that make us cum EVERY time.

Outstanding Direction of the Year

Outstanding Direction of the Year

Outstanding Twink Feature:  Boys Boys Boys!  These fey young things make our pants get tighter as they move their lithe bodies.

Outstanding Twink Features

Outstanding Twink Features

Don’t worry guys, I’ll have more awards soon including Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Film!

-Hugo Harley, Your Certified GPA

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