Top 10 Euro Media Gay DVDs (Part 2), a GPAs Guide

Posted By on December 22, 2009

Fellow GPAs:

It is the most wonderful time of the year…. if you’re on a sunny beach.  In case you haven’t noticed, I hate the cold.  I’m not a snow lover either.  But I do live in a city that has biting winters.  And because it is NYC, I’ll deal.

And now we’ll wrap up the Top 10 Euro Media DVDs of 2009.

Alphamale Medias Out on the Orgy

Alphamale Media's Out on the Orgy

At #5, we have have the first collection from Alphamale Media, Out On the Orgy.  This proved to be a great video.  I will tell you that I’m a BIG fan of threeways and fourgies.  I could understand why you guys were all clamoring for this one.  Hunky guys fucking each other in every way imaginable.  Loads flying all over the place hitting every person there.

Synopsis: Hard and hairy hunks enjoying the hottest orgies eith one another!! Spit roasted studs and cum covered cubs will make sure you know exactly how men fuck, rubbing their hairy chests against one another in Alphamale’s finest group sex adventures in the great outdoors, sleazy sex bars and even on a pool table!!


Alphamale Medias Out at the Gym

Alphamale Media's Out at the Gym

The #4 bestselling movie we distributed this year also came from Alphamale Media: Out at the Gym.  Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas & Ross Hurston star in a feature about men working out, at… well, a gym.  This hunk filled release had you guys flexing your groin muscles.

Synopsis: Gym-fit muscle bound hunks work up more than a sweat in this journey into relieving built up sexual frustration, with hot tight bodies, these hairy men work their stiff dicks into waiting mouths and begging butts, pinned to the workbench or threesome fucking, this is one gym whose membership’s gonna sky-rocket!!


Satyr Films Savages

Satyr Films' Savages

Our #3 entry is from our newest producer, Satyr Films.  SAVAGES is one of those title that I have reviewed and had to cover my eyes (while peeking through my fingers) when watching.  See my review here.   Some highlights are “Gianni’s choking on giant cock or Luke Cross being used and flung around like a sock puppet, there are so many aspects of Savages that I almost couldn’t believe was happening.  If you like RAW UNINHIBITED SEX between INSATIABLE men, then Savages is your movie.  Trust me, you cock will thank you later.”

Synopsis: Savages is a brutal gangbang where we got some past favorite Satyrs along with a couple of new inductees. We have taken a liking to straight stud Gianni as we have used him in several scenes in the last few months. Wait till you see what Rock does to him in the final scene of the movie.

Buy SAVAGES here!

Videoboys Knockout

Videoboys' Knockout

Our #2 bestseller is from another release from another favorite producer, VideoBoys.  KnockOut features Harem Hottie Pierre Fitch in all the scenes that he’s done with VideoBoys.  For those of you that don’t know, Pierre started with VideoBoys some time ago.  Kinsey Russel (director) was the first to film Pierre… sexually.  Since then, VideoBoys has had lots of cuties on their site.  (I currently have a crush on Lukas Wild & Bobby Long. Both are hot guys with big dicks.  Both work “manly man” jobs.)

Synopsis: Pierre Fitch has a new passion: BOXING. On this DVD, Pierre stars in an all-new scene from Videoboys, showing off his boxing and fucking mastery with his buddy, The BIG DICKED JOCK Cliff Beltane. Watch seven more of Pierre’s best scenes with Videoboys, featuring his hottest action as both ENTHUSIASTIC BOTTOM and HARD-POUNDING TOP.

Buy Pierre Fitch: Knockout here!

So I’m going to be a tease and let you wait until tomorrow to find out our #1 bestselling title from Euro Media.  I’ll tell now that this guy is also my Harem Hottie of the Year.


-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

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