Top 10 Euro Media Gay DVDs (Part 1), a GPA’s Guide

Posted By on December 21, 2009

Hey GPAs:

I hope your weekend was better than mine. For those who slept through it (like myself), there was a huge snowstorm over the weekend that left 22 inches of snow in some places. Because I live in the asshole of NYC, I was home bound for the better part of the last 3 days waiting for the walkways to be cleared. Thankfully, I was able to make it work and be present… physically.

Now onward! I’m happy to be able to present to you guys my first of this year’s TOP 10 lists.  Because I’m a salesman at heart, this first list was quite easy to make.  It’s a list of the bestselling and best reviewed DVDs released in 2009 from Euro Media Distribution, the company that bought you some of the hottest men and gay porn in recent times.  Now, this list is PURELY based on factual numbers.  Unlike some other lists, I will not  favor any one release over the other.  (Though it does help that this is a list of my company’s DVDs.)  And coincidentally, you can find all these releases on  (This plug has nothing to do with my close friendship with Ben Morecock.)

Eurocremes Straight Boy

Eurocreme's Straight Boy

At #10, we have one of my personal favorites, Straight Boy.  Straight Boy features SUPER HUNG Matt Hughes in the title role.  What makes this movie special is that this is the first Eurocreme/Dream Boy title to feature some cock on the cover (a giant gag-inducing cock at that!) I will say that this movie was VERY well made, had a lot of hot guys and Matt Hughes actually steals the show in this one!  He’s a great actor and could plow the hell out of anybody and make them feel grateful for being split open.

Here’s a quick synopsis: Cute twink Andy gets a new roommate–studly 11″ Matt Hughes, straight as they come! Cum-hungry Ricky wants in on the action, desperate for Matt’s huge cock. Lots of smooth twinks in group fucking: spitroasting & cum-covered faces galore! Grinding down against throbbing dicks, these boys are after as much cock as they can, ready and willing, and up for anything, take a look at just how much they love the taste of spunk!!


Hung Ladz 3: Hard Shooter

Hung Ladz 3: Hard Shooter

At #9, we have the 3rd movie of the Hung Ladz series: Hard Shooters.  Cover model Philippe Delvaux has recently become a fan favorite (as well as gaining a spot in Hugo Harley’s heart).  The hot thing about this is Philippe is a natural bottom.  (Big-dicked bottoms are like leprechauns: when you find one, you hold on so you can exploit his treasure.)  I guess I’ll mention that Matt Hughes is in this one also.

Synopsis: Filled with the sexiest hung guys ever, these lads are real hard fuckers and shooters who love to work tight butts open with thick shafts and spraying them with warm jizz.  Delicious new faces and popular stars join forces in the third instalment from Hung Ladz, the perfect studio for cravers of big cock!!


Cocky Boys: Born To Fuck

Cocky Boys: Born To Fuck

For a movie that came out just 1 month ago, Born To Fuck placing at #8 is NOTHING to scoff at.  At times it takes several months for DVDs to reach bestseller status.  Born To Fuck did so in a matter of weeks.  I’ve always said that Kyle Majors has chosen the MOST BEAUTIFUL men to star in his movies.  This first DVD is a testament to that fact.  Coverboy Sebastian Young is a tough guy from the other side of the tracks.  Wolf Hudson is one of the kinkiest straight men I’ve seen.  Jesse Santana gives other bottoms a run for their money. Harem Hottie Phenix Saint makes me quiver.  Even the solo scene with Max Hammer is enough to make anyone lose it.

It may also help you to know that Born to fuck is the No. 2 bestselling movie in America as well the No. 1 selling DVD on

Buy BORN TO FUCK here.

Eurocremes Porn Boy

Eurocreme's Porn Boy

#7 is my FAVORITE Eurocreme/Dream Boy movie of the year: Porn Boy!  As I’ve said in an earlier review, I liked “touches about how the actors react to being sucked off, their future aspirations, and taking Matt Hughes 11 inches of hard cock—you’re a champ Jak Williams!—to be quite a turn-on. The stars that we’ve watched many a times being pounded, taking gobs of wet juicy semen on their faces or taking at least two hung uncut cocks up their tight holes at the same time…they have lives beyond the camera.”

I easily found the interaction with the audience by the models to be the richest part of the movie.  (I’m a porn fanboy… sue me.)  Plus it helps that Matt Hughes, Philippe Delvaux, & newcummer Will Jamieson were in it!

Buy PORN BOY here!

Eurocremes Party Boy

Eurocreme's Party Boy

For now I’ll leave you with our #6 DVD of 2009: Party Boy.  With a tight story, gorgeous boys and hot sex scenes, this Dream Boy release was a good one.  Best scene for me was Kai Cruz fucking the beautiful, delectable tatooed twink: Ivan Rueda.  (I had to fight the urge to lick the screen to get at Ivan’s tattoos…)

Synopsis: Kai Cruz is the gorgeous DJ, taking us through a typical sex crazed weekend, packed with stunning clubbers, horned up twinks and enough dick to satisfy the most cum hungry boys out there. Working his way through the London scene, it’s a look into the fuck-fuelled life of just how easy it is to get the attention you want when you can spin the decks.

Buy PARTY BOY here!

I leave you guys now to rest up.  Tomorrow I’ll have the remaining Top 10 DVDs of 2009 from Euro Media Distribution.  Here’s a hint at who’s No. 1: It’s a biggie!

Yours truly:

Hugo Harley, Your Certified GPA

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