Hugo Harley’s (Cocky) Harem Hottie: Wolf Hudson

Posted By on November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th, GPAs:

Wolf Hudson = Perfect

Wolf Hudson = Perfect

This week, I must say, has gone by pretty quickly.  But I’m glad it’s finally over.  While Brian is going home to rest up for GRE’s I’m making the conscious decision to go out and drink.  But I’ll drink sensibly; I won’t go nuts and end up in a stranger’s house, having to do the walk of shame in the morning afternoon.  (Can you tell that it’s happened before?)

Before I go and meet up with my best friends John Jamieson and Jose Cuervo, I leave you with my last Cocky Boy Harem Hottie: Wolf Hudson.  Most of you know Wolf.  He’s one of the sexiest guys around.  He hot, talented, and funny.  Wolf (or “King of Kink” as some of you may know him as) is basically sex on legs.



This past LA Pride, I remember waiting to get a drink at an industry party and felt this force beside me.  I looked to my left and saw a tall, dark, beautiful god standing there.  As I picked my jaw off the floor, I realized that I was in the presence of greatness aka Wolf Hudson.  Now, rarely am I star struck by pornstars.  But looking at Wolf Hudson made me catatonic.

I know I’m shamelessly praising the dude, but c’mon…. take a long look at his pictures and his YouTube video (I love that he’s a shameless self-promoter).  Wolf Hudson, you were indeed Born To Fuck!

I'd Grab Myself Too I Looked Like Him.

I'd Grab Myself Too If I Looked Like Him.

Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson

I’d like to say a special “Thank You” to Kyle Majors and his Cocky Boys for the AWESOME images and video clips I was able to use throughout the week.  And oh yeah — For giving us the privilege of distributing BORN TO FUCK!

I am Yours Truly

Hugo Harley, Your Certified GPA.

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