House Boy Cleans Up!

Posted By on November 5, 2009

Fellow GPAs:

Let’s get right to it.  Earlier I mentioned that House Boy was released for retail.  I heard from my EU counterparts that not only did the film do well, it sold out in stores in the UK.  When you have a man like Simon Booth directing a group of hot guys, what’s there to be surprised about?

So I had our new bitch boy colleague, Danny Lover, take a look at the film.  He writes for one of our blogs called New Sex Machine.  I could see a bright future for the young lad.  As Morecock’s Porn Apprentice and a student at Harley School of Pornology (where he hopes to attain GPA Certification), Danny is on the path to becoming veritably knowledgeable about what’s hot and sexy in this crazy industry of ours.

HouseBoy May Be Sold Out In Europe, But You Can Still Find It At

Houseboy used to refer to a profession, but if one thing’s clear, it’s that it now refers to pleasure. I realized this over the weekend as I was completing my own housework, watching the latest title in Eurocreme’s DreamBoy series, HouseBoy. The “plot” here is pretty light: one boy, Justin, ropes another boy, Steven, into covering for him. You would think this would mean a day off for Justin. But you know what they say, no rest for the wicked.  What entails is five scenes of exceptional sucking and fucking. All of the stars have cute accents and nicely-sized cocks. And if you’re into tattoos, piercings, muscles, and form-fitting white underwear, there’s a bit of that as well. For me, though, the real treat was watching the boys clean house in their jockstraps. It was kind of like if there had been explicitly pornographic outtakes from My Own Private Idaho.    — Danny Love

House Boy mentioned in QX Men

House Boy mentioned in QX Men

Check out Mr. Love on New Sex Machine.  He’s got some pretty crazy shit up there.

Also, I would like to mention that next week will be a special one.  To celebrate the first Cocky Boys DVD release, I will be featuring a Cocky Boy as my Harem Hottie every day.  So look for the hottest cocks of the walk right here!

Finally, we’ll be counting down the year with my TOP 10 selections of the hottest guys and performances of the year.  More on that tomorrow!

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

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