Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: Philip Ashton; and Redemption Cometh

Posted By on October 23, 2009

Fellow GPAs:

I know, I know.  It’s been awhile.  I blame the aurora borealis, fetal alcohol syndrome, Cocky Boys & Pierre Fitch (more on that later).  After Benny Morecock and Brian Ritz both ganged up on me and threatened me with flagellation, I almost didn’t publish my posts.  When they realized that it would probably excite me, they then proceeded to take away my porn.  “NOOOOO! PLEASE!,” I cried out.  I then promised them I would not only publish, I would leak some news to you guys.

In my defense, I had several posts saved up about titles, reviews and whatnot… I’ve actually been too busy to edit them into a cohesive manner.

Guys with iPhones....

Guys with iPhones....

My Harem Hottie for this week is no stranger to gay porn.  Earlier, Ritzy interviewed him and I must say it was good to see him talk about his future plans in the biz.  Philip Ashton is small twinky little thing with a lotta heart–and HUGE cock.  And that boy’s booty… give it up! Sorry… I went off there.  In person Philip is a real trip.  He’s funny, animated, and just a nice guy.  I was at LA Pride earlier this year, in the booth next to him and we were able to chat and gossip about the industry.  After all the alcohol that we consumed, we got to know each other VERY well. (It wasn’t like that…. get your mind out of the gutter.)

Hmmm... Just Hmmm

Hmmm... Just Hmmm

Dont you just want to put a finger in there?

Don't you just want to put a finger in there?

-Hugo Harley, Certified GPA

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