Because Hugo Harley Loves Assholes

Posted By on October 1, 2009

Hey Gay Porn Addicts:

The word dewdrop comes to mind

The word "dewdrop" comes to mind

This is a case of “another day, another dollar.”  Just wanted give you guys a wrap-up of interesting things happening in the industry.  (Trust me, it’s hard enough ::tee hee:: pausing my DVD player in the middle of Treasure Island Media’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours; I’ll will be reviewing it for tomorrow’s post!)  I’ll try my best to sound happy  and chipper throughout this broadcast — because I want to, not because I’m contracted by THE MAN to do so.

Christian: Always going a bit further than everybody else.

Christian: Always going a bit further than everybody else.

First, this item that caught my eye (Courtesy of JC Adams) : Mega hookup site, has forged an evil awesome alliance with DList (a.k.a. Gay Myspace).  For those of you that are braindead and/or without a pulse, Manhunt is one of the world’s largest hook up sites (where Danny Pintauro’s* drugged up pictures were found) while DList is what happens  you let the gays run a MySpace-like social network (it’s clean, fun, filled with hot guys, naked pictures and videos.)  Just the thought of the power being forged by this marriage…. (It’s like when the Sith joined with the Separatists to overthrow the Republic…. Anybody? No?)**

No. 2 up: Michael Lucas speaks out…. again.  Somebody calls him out on his comments…again.  Now I’m not going to pretend not to have an opinion on Queer support of Palestine or not… I’m just going link to this DVD containing the hottest group of men to ever come (cum!) together and not cause the universe to implode.

And c: It’s been confirmed that Benny Morecock and Brian Ritz have been hooking up.  I’ve always had a nagging feeling about those two.  And judging from the context, skinny, twinky Brian Ritz is the catcher… yes she is.  (Brian, if you’re reading this… I couldn’t help it. :bisou:)

So, back to Christian’s hole being plowed.

Ciao… Hugo Harley, Certified GPA.

*If you dont know Danny Pintauro...

If you don’t know who Danny Pintauro is…

** Yes… I’m a sci-fi geek… sue me.

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  1. Don’t tell Brian I said this, but he’s obsessed with me. He wants to jump
    on my cock soooo bad.

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