In Which Hugo Spills the Beans…Kinda

| October 29, 2009

Hey GPAs: I’ve been hinting a few times about a couple of new studios that we’ve got lined up for wholesale.  I can’t divulge the name of one of the studios yet but I can tell you that this harem hottie will make a splash when his next DVD comes out.  This pornstar-turned-producer has a […]

Hugo Harley Goes Boy Crazy

| October 28, 2009

Fellow GPAs: As some of you may have already heard, Euro Media Partners (of which I am the Product Manager), has recently started carrying Eboys Studio’s Deviant Boyz line. I’ve watched fetish films before. I’ve seen guys being fisted, pissed on, whipped, assholes shaved…. but never really got off on it. [I'm forced to watch […]

Eurocreme’s New Blog & Simon Booth Speaks!

| October 26, 2009

Fellow GPAs: I was just minding my own business today, getting Cocky Boys ready for DVD release and my European counterpart told me that he had an exclusive interview of Simon Booth on the Eurocreme blog. Always a sweetie, Simon speaks about making his movies. We even get to see Simon working, getting his boys […]

The Reviews Are In: Hooked!

| October 23, 2009

Fellow GPAs: I want to begin by saying I have a supreme respect for other gay industry bloggers (or anybody that features hot, taut men on their blog.)  I came across reviews for Hooked and More Tales 3 from two of our reviewers, and XX Factor.  And speaking of More Tales 3, here’s the […]

Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: Philip Ashton; and Redemption Cometh

| October 23, 2009

Fellow GPAs: I know, I know.  It’s been awhile.  I blame the aurora borealis, fetal alcohol syndrome, Cocky Boys & Pierre Fitch (more on that later).  After Benny Morecock and Brian Ritz both ganged up on me and threatened me with flagellation, I almost didn’t publish my posts.  When they realized that it would probably […]

Ream His Straight Throat from Satyr

| October 16, 2009

Fellow GPAs: They’ve done it again!  Those guys at Satyr (makers of Savages and other debauchery) have just sent me over some stills from their newest film: Ream His Straight Throat 9.  Now, I’m no expert at straight throat reaming, but I’m pretty sure that that sticking your dick in a straight man’s mouth and […]

Fucking Fantastic Film: Insatiable

| October 15, 2009

Fellow GPAs: Friday is finally here!  While many people are partying it up at Hustlaball in Berlin, I’m busy watching porn in my dark office.  One might think that I got the short end of the stick but I disagree!  I get to you bring you, fair reader, a review of Alphamale Media & Liberate […]

Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie: Sebastian Young

| October 13, 2009

Fellow GPAs: This week is an interesting one.  Many people have been inquiring about the new Cocky Boys DVD line coming.  The cover has been a hit; EVERYBODY loves them some COCKY BOYS!!  Well, I can reveal that the tentative Wholesale ship date is November 10th for the release week of the 16th.  Rumor has […]

New Directions

| October 10, 2009

… and no I’m not talking about the group from Ryan Murphy’s awesome new show, Glee. Fellow GPAs: It’s been an exciting week here.  Many exciting things happening everywhere. We’ve signed exclusive DVD distribution agreements with two more hot producers.  Though I can’t say anything yet about these deals, I will tell you that you’ll […]

Because Hugo Harley is INSATIABLE

| October 8, 2009

My fellow GPAs: I have to say that this week has flown by!  It feels as if it was just yesterday I was waking up and cursing the week ahead.  However, I am happy for a few reason: the weekend is around the corner, I get to drink to my heart’s content soon and I […]

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