More Tails Please!

| September 29, 2009

More Tails Tales, indeed! Fellow GPAs: I’m proud to announce that Euro Media Distribution (the company that helps pay for my delightful little porn habit) is now the EXCLUSIVE distributor of Ayor Studios in North America.  Press release ATJ (After The Jump):

Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie #2: Damon Dogg

| September 28, 2009

Fellow GPAs: This week’s harem hottie is Treasure Island Media‘s resident cum guzzler: Damon Dogg. Let me explain something about Damon Dogg: he is sex on wheels; he is ALWAYS horny.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at IML last year and let me tell you, he’s one of the sweetest guys out there.  […]

Eurocreme’s HOUSEBOY Trailer on I Need Gay Porn Blog!

| September 23, 2009

Fellow GPAs: So I was sitting around today, trying to decide what to share with you guys.  You have to understand: the problem with accumulating a lot of porn is that you have a hard time deciding what to focus on. “Do I go with the raunchy piss title or the not-so-raunchy piss title?”  “Is […]

Fucking Fantastic Film: SAVAGES!

| September 21, 2009

Fellow GPAs: So my brothers-in-porn, Benny Morecock & Brian Ritz, have both written about the studio, Satyr Films, on their blogs (here for BMC and here for SMB).  I can certify that the first film I saw from Satyr was a bit of an eye-opener.  Butt-pounding, cock-spurting, hole-stretching, throat-scraper film that it was, Bareback Pornstar […]

Hugo Harley’s Harem Hottie #1

| September 17, 2009

Fellow GPAs: So I was perusing xtube for a little bit — wasn’t touching myself I swear; just doing some research — and I came across this video of this really cute guy stroking his cock and fingering himself.  Now you know that I love big-dicked submissive bottoms (a la Philippe Delvaux) so this guy […]

Euro Media + Cocky Boys = Heaven!

| September 16, 2009

From the desk of Hugo Harley, Certified GPA Just wanted to let you guys in on that secret I was dying to spill.  Euro Media Distribution, of which I’m the Product Manager, will now be distributing CockyBoys DVDs!!!  I am so excited to be working with Kyle Majors and his studio. Euro Media Distribution and […]

EXTRA! EXTRA! Exclusive Interview with SIMON BOOTH!!!

| September 14, 2009

Hey GPAs: I hope you guys had a great weekend because I sure did.  I spent my time scouring the internet for a cock, ass, or face I hadn’t seen.  And behold, I was able to have a chat with one of my favorite people from across the pond: Simon Booth.  Any GPA worth his […]

A Secret I Can’t Help But Spilling…

| September 11, 2009

… but won’t. Fellow GPAs: So my company, Euro Media Distribution, is set to launch the DVD release of possibly the chicest and hottest club site out there.  I’m not allowed to say about it anything yet though. Which is too bad: the guys are so hot and Cocky, you’ll want to Wolf them down […]

I Need Gay Porn: an Addict’s Persperctive

| September 11, 2009

Fellow GPAs: My name is Hugo Harley and I’m a (semi-functional) gay porn addict. How serious is this beautiful affliction? On Mondays, I down Matt Hughes tablets. On Tuesdays, I snort some Phillipe Delvaux. On Wednesdays, I freebase Alex Stevens. On Thursdays, I shoot up some Logan McCree. After work on Fridays, I start my […]

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